Van Guidelines


Designated hubs will serve as collection and distribution points for the shuttles to transport student to their specific locations across campus. Transportation to designated pickup locations is the student’s responsibility. However, students will be dropped off at the designated hub at the end of the day (same location as pickup). The two designated pickup and drop off locations for transport to campus are listed below.

1. Evansdale Buildings Pickup and Drop off – Mountaineer Station
2. Downtown Buildings Pickup and Drop off – Motor Pool Facility


  • Parking permits need to be purchased to park at the designated hubs
  • Students can park in the handicap locations of the designated hubs
  • Apartment shuttles may drop off students at the Mountaineer Station or Motor Pool Facility
  • Students may access the PRT and Mountain Line bus to reach the Mountaineer Station


  • Rides should be scheduled in advance (provided on a first come – first serve basis)
  • Our schedule does not allow wait times
  • Students are expected to be prompt on scheduled pick up times
  • Any schedule changes must be approved by Accessibility Services staff, call (304) 293-7278
  • Same day rides may be scheduled based on a space available basis


  • Please remember several students use the service and drivers must stay on schedule
  • After three no shows the student will be removed from the schedule and need to contact
  • Accessibility Services to be reinstated
  • Last minute schedule changes will be considered, however, transportation could be delayed and/or postponed until the schedule will allow the transport
  • Traffic delays, and weather related issues may impact shuttle schedule
  • For pick up and drop off locations between campus buildings click here, or call the Office of Accessibility Services at (304) 293-7278..
  • Cancellations or any changes of your schedule must go through the Accessibility Services Office ONLY. Please call (304) 293-7278.
  • For cancellations due to inclement weather, listen to the following radio stations: WCLG, WKKW, WVAQ, WAJR, U92 or 94.3 fm, or call the Office of Accessibility Services.