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TPAC Advisory Committee

The Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee (TPAC) is comprised of WVU faculty, staff and students who meet on a regular basis to discuss transportation issues and concerns on behalf of the campus community.


Tara George-Jones
Study Abroad Strategic Planning

Christopher Staples
Special Assistant to the Provost Office

Yolanda Gill
Administrative Associate, Accessibility Services, Staff Council

Terrence Dunson 
Campus Service Worker, HSC, Staff Council

Jesse Karshin
Student, Industrial Engineering

Drew Gatlin
Student, Civil Engineering

Madison Thompson
Student Government Association

John Principe
Executive Director, Environmental Health & Safety

James Kosik
HSC Facilities

Meredith Morris
Assistant Director
Facilities Planning and Scheduling 

Randy Hudak
Sr. Assistant VP

Julie Frum
Senior Program Administrator
Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

Gregory Thompson  

Associate Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Clement Solomon
Director of Transportation and Parking (Committee Chair)

University Librarian

Support Staff:

Jeremy Evans
Associate Director
Personal Rapid Transit

Phoenicia Keffer
Public Relations Manager

LeeAnn Fox
Interim Assistant Director

Keith Pyles
Assistant Director
Transportation Services

Judy Farber 
Administrative Assistant