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Citation Payments

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Login Information

In order to login you must know your Username and MyID password, this is not the same ID as your mix account ID. If you do not know your username please visit the ITS website at

If you are still unable to locate your MyID and password please call the ITS help desk at (304) 293-4444.


Holds on your account, due to parking citation, will be removed one hour after payment is received.

Appeal System

A citation does not need to be pre-paid in order to lodge an appeal. A citation must be paid prior to being released from any academic holds or restrictions placed on your account. If the citation is dismissed through the appeal process, WVU Parking Management will refund the total amount due.

All appeals will be presented to the Parking Management Appeal Officer via the electronic appeal found on the Parking Management Website. The Appeals Officer will undertake an impartial review of the circumstances surrounding the issuance of the citation(s) and provide a decision to the Department of Parking Services, which will then notify the appellant. All decisions reached by the appeal officer are considered binding and constitute the final disposition of the appeal.

The following are not grounds for appeal:

  1. lack of available parking,
  2. unfamiliarity with University parking rules and regulations,
  3. short time in violation area,
  4. failure to observe posted signs,
  5. class/instruction ran late,
  6. anyone other than Parking Services or contracted parking lot attendants directed you to park in violation area,
  7. non-receipt of the citation(s).

Citation rates

Types and Fees

Parking: $20 per citation