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Permit Purchase

Parking permits are issued through the Parking Management office located in Mountaineer Station (1112 Van Voorhis Road). Permits are valid for one year - from August 1 through July 31 of the following year. Permits will be renewed automatically for employees who pay for their permits through payroll deduction. A permit is required for motor vehicles and motorcycles to park in a permitted space on campus. ALL citations must be paid when purchasing, renewing and/or picking up a permit.

Visit Parking Portal

Temporary Parking Program for Remote Employees

West Virginia University Transportation and Parking is offering a special temporary parking program for employees who are working exclusively remotely this fall. Remote employees’ parking permits will be suspended effective Aug. 1, through Dec. 31, 2020. However, permits for remote employees will remain active in WVU’s parking database, which will allow WVU Transportation and Parking to share important parking updates and announcements with these employees. Further, remote employees’ permits and/or parking spaces will be guaranteed upon their return to on-campus work in January 2021. Parking fees that are included as an automatic payroll deduction will be suspended beginning Saturday, Aug. 1.

The special temporary parking program is only available to employees who have been identified to work exclusively remotely for the fall semester. Faculty and staff who will be working on campus or in a “hybrid” capacity (i.e., splitting their time between on-campus and remote work) this fall may cancel their parking permits before they are automatically renewed on Aug. 1. However, employees who cancel their permits will lose their designated vehicle spaces on campus.

Temporary Parking Permits for Students

WVU Transportation and Parking is offering students a limited number of temporary parking permits for the fall 2020 semester. The temporary permits will be available for the Downtown, Evansdale and Health Sciences campuses and will be valid Saturday, Aug. 15, through Monday, Nov. 30.

All temporary permits will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis beginning Wednesday, Aug. 12, at 9 a.m.

To purchase a permit online, visit the Parking Portal, select “get permits” and log in with your WVU credentials. Permits also may be purchased in person at the Parking Management office, which is located at 1112 Van Voorhis Road.

Permit Guidelines

Permits are registered to a specific individual and vehicle(s) and is:

Permits must be returned to the WVU Parking office to terminate associated charges or fees and/or receive a refund, as applicable. Any unauthorized use of a permit is considered a violation and is subject to fines, penalties and revocation.

Permit Display

Permits must be attached properly to the vehicle’s lower front driver side windshield (near the inspection sticker), facing out at all times while parked at WVU. If you have a hangtag, it must be displayed facing out on the rearview mirror at all times while parked at WVU. Failure to properly display the permit is a parking violation.

Permit Types

General Permits are issued to employees and students listing specific parking area(s).