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PRT shuttle bus locations


If the PRT is temporarily out of service a notification will be sent out to users via:  @WVUDOT twitter account or  Facebook with an estimated time of return service. Direct bus service will be provided for the portion of the system that is temporarily out of service. Should there be any long-term outage, announcements will be communicated through mix accounts, e-news, WVU Information Stations and other media across campus.

Bus pick-up locations for PRT shutdowns (NO WEEKEND BUS SERVICE EXCEPT ON GAMEDAYS)


We have a team of people who work within the PRT command center who constantly monitor the PRT platform as well as the movement of the cars. They are able to know instantly when a car goes out of service. For safety reasons we ask that you do not exit the cars and go out on the guideway. This will only prolong the delay for the system to come back online. We ask that you remain calm and wait for instructions if you have to exit the car. If it is going to be out of service for any length of time, then this information is quickly disseminated through various forums of media.