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 Interested in saving money?

Why not join a carpool and let someone else share your cost of commuting?  Go to  WVU’s private Zimride network and post your ride to start saving money at  !  

If you are interested in being matched with someone to ride to work just follow these easy steps:

  1. Review the WVU Carpool agreement form
  2. Complete the Carpool agreement form
  3. Return Carpool agreement form to the Transportation and Parking office
WVU Carpool Agreement Form

Save money, your health and the Earth when you carpool. It’s easy. Just post your commute as a driver or passenger on WVU’s private Zimride network today to find your perfect match. Go to

Don’t let that empty seat go empty for long – let someone ride with you and save on transportation costs and get some neat parking benefits. The WE GO Carpool program is open to WVU faculty and staff including those employees that work in the Health Sciences Center or WVUH (Ruby Hospital). An employee that carpools with one other person and travels 50 miles round trip per day could save over $9,000 per year in transportation costs and reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 640 pounds. Benefits of the Carpool program include preferred parking available to the Carpool from 6:00 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. Monday through Friday in their assigned parking area; 18 free one-day parking permits for each carpool participant, and; two free Guaranteed Rides Home per year (July through June) for emergency trips.

Students do not get those previously mentioned carpool benefits but they do have access to the carpool matching software through Carpool for students is not only beneficial for trips around campus but also for trips back to hometowns and away sporting events. Log onto WVU’s Zimride website at for more information on how to register for carpool matching.

Eligible carpools consist of two or more individuals sharing one permit per carpool (members can register more than one vehicle). When the carpool has been approved all carpool members must be present at the time the permit is issued. All carpool members are responsible for knowing and complying with the parking regulations on campus, including carpool regulations. If a member of the carpool chooses to leave the carpool or leaves employment with the University or its affiliates, a new carpool agreement must be signed by the remaining members.