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Accessibility Parking

With the increased demand for accessibility parking on campus, WVU Medical Management, Equity Assurance, and Parking Management are collaborating to update documentation and issuance of accessible parking permits. All WVU employees currently using accessible parking permits are required to update paperwork and related documentation by March 1, 2015. If the updated documentation is not received by the deadline, the employee may risk losing their ADA parking permit.

Listed below is the process to retain and/or obtain a WVU accessible parking permit: 

To obtain WVU ADA accessible parking in WVU parking areas, one must provide to WVU’s ADA Coordinator (by facsimile to (304)293-8279 or via .pdf to the following documentation accompanied by a note indicating that the employee is requesting ADA Accessible parking:

The ADA Coordinator will review the documentation.

If the employee has a qualified accessibility (temporary or permanent), he/she will be found eligible for ADA accessible parking at WVU. The ADA Coordinator will contact the Transportation and Parking Office to advise them that the employee is eligible for ADA accessible parking, if available.

Unfortunately, many of the WVU lots are already overbooked and have long waiting lists. Employees seeking ADA accessible parking who are already in the lot they are requesting may be given parking. In order to receive parking, one must already be a paid user of a WVU lot. The cost of parking spaces differs throughout campus, and is dependent on the parking area that the disability permit is needed. Persons who are not currently paid users should ask the Transportation and Parking Office to place them on the waiting list for the area/areas for which they are requesting parking.

If an area is not available, requestors should consider obtaining parking at the intermodal facility (Area 81) and taking the PRT or the bus to their work location. Additionally, the Mountain Line Transit Authority has bus service and other paid and unpaid service for WVU students and employees with WVU IDs.

If parking is not available, employees may also consider a change in their work arrangements as possible accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). All ADA Accommodations are handled through the ADA Coordinator’s office at 304.293.5600.