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WVU Fleet Services

WVU Transportation Services supports the vehicle needs of the Morgantown, Beckley and Keyser campuses. Services include assisting with departmental vehicle purchases, state vehicle repairs, routine maintenance and the decommission of University vehicles.

Vehicle Maintenance

Routine maintenance is essential in extending the operational life of your vehicle. Individual departments are responsible for ensuring that their vehicles are properly maintained. Maintenance and repairs to University vehicles are to be performed by WVU Transportation Services. To request service, contact them at 304-293-5627.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 6 a.m.-4:45 p.m.

Vehicle Fueling

Use of the ARI Fuel Card Program is required for all state-owned vehicles. Program participation requires all users to have a unique PIN number and acknowledge that they have read the Governor's policy regarding employee use of employer provided vehicles. Users can request a PIN number by completing the ARI Fuel Card User Agreement form and submitting it to For more information, see the WV Fleet Management Division website.

Approved Vendors for Vehicle Purchasing

WVU requires all vehicle purchases to be new vehicles. All University vehicles must be purchased from state-approved dealers. Approved vendor information is located at West Virginia Purchasing Division Statewide Contracts. Select "Statewide Contracts" and then scroll down to the Car, Light Trucks, Mid-Size SUV category and select "MV". Or, scroll down to the Heavy Trucks, Van, Full-Size SUV category and select "MVTRUCK". It is the responsibility of the department purchasing the vehicle to verify availability with the dealer of the vehicle they wish to purchase.

Increasing Fleet Inventory

WVU requires that an existing vehicle be eliminated when purchasing a new vehicle. Departments wanting to increase their fleet without eliminating an existing vehicle will need to provide a justification letter with details for the increase to the WVU Fleet Manager. Types of fleet vehicles that will be considered for increases include:

  • Specialty vehicles
  • Bucket trucks
  • Police cruisers
  • Training vehicles
  • Project vehicles (e.g., Hydrogen or Research vehicles)

Purchasing a Vehicle

Requirements for vehicle purchasing:

  1. The department will need to review the vehicle state contract site to select a vehicle and then request a detailed invoice from the vendor.
  2. A Surplus Request must be completed for the vehicle being decommissioned.
  3. The department needs to print and complete form DOA-FM-059. Please ensure the FUND, DEPT and UNIT numbers are all entered on this form or the request will be returned from the State. Note: The FUND number is the OASIS 4-digit number.
  4. All documents must be sent to the department EBO for funding numbers and then the EBO will forward all documents to Procurement for processing.
  5. Procurement will forward all documents to the Fleet Manager for approval and forms will be sent to West Virginia Fleet Management in Charleston for approval. Once the purchase has been approved by all parties, all signed documents will be returned to Procurement for payment processing.