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Reminders on appropriate usage of WVU fleet vehicles

As West Virginia University prepares to kick off the fall semester, the Transportation and Parking team wanted to provide faculty and staff a few tips and reminders related to the appropriate usage of WVU fleet vehicles.

  • Before the semester begins, faculty and staff should be sure their fleet vehicle’s state inspection sticker is up to date and the vehicle has a valid registration decal on its license plate. Faculty and staff also should make sure their fleet vehicle has the following items in the vehicle’s glove box:

  • Everyone who uses a fleet vehicle at the University is required by the State of West Virginia to complete a daily log sheet for their assigned vehicle. It is the department’s responsibility to retain original copies of the log sheets for each vehicle. Note: Log sheets may be requested during state audits.

  • Those who use a fleet vehicle should respond to monthly mileage update requests promptly. The WVU Fleet Management team needs a few days to process the mileage report, and the state requires WVU to submit the report by the fifth day of each month.

  • Faculty and staff who need WEX PIN should contact the WVU Fleet Management team at Faculty and staff should be sure to include their Employee ID number and an active email address along with their signature on the bottom of the agreement form. A signed agreement form must be included with any WEX PIN request.

    • Faculty and staff also must acknowledge they have reviewed and understand the Governor’s policy when signing the agreement form. The department should retain original copies of agreement forms as part of their employee records.

  • Those requesting fuel cards for cans, equipment or vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds should complete a Fuel Card Request Form and return it to the WVU Fleet Management team at

  • For fleet vehicle state inspections or service needs, faculty and staff should contact the WVU Fleet Management team Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. at 304-293-5627 to schedule an appointment.

  • A WVU PCard may be used to pay for car washes for WVU fleet vehicles. Fleet vehicles should be washed at least once monthly.

Contact the WVU Fleet Management team at or 304-293-5627 with any questions.